This is Constantina, also known online as Conna. But I also respond to "psst."

I cannot say that I always had the "passion" for cooking or that "always" liked cooking. When you have a job, children and a dog to deal with, it’s a bit difficult to find that "passion". Perhaps due to the limited time, cooking for me was more of a chore. Of course we were always fed in a way, but that was all. Only when having parties or celebrations I had the chance to express my culinary creativity.

But I always appreciated and still do, the well cooked food.

I have always been asking for the recipe of a nice meal or dessert offered to me and I always found pleasure in reading a cook book or a cooking magazine. So ... I suppose, there, somewhere, was a hidden “passion”.

In recent years, however, I began to mess around with pots, ladles, whisk and pans. Yes, yes, Me! Started trying different recipes, new techniques, and of course dealing with more “advanced” dishes and this is something that I really enjoy. Oh gosh! I have to admit it, not always with success. I, the poor lady, have lived marvelous and unforgettable moments when cooking. But this did not hold me back. The kitchen is now my favorite place and I spend many hours a day in there, exploring the magical world of cooking and pastry.

The aim of my blog is to capture and preserve, the thousands of recipes that I have collected over the years, of dishes which caught my interest. You cannot imagine how many pieces of papers, with recipes, I have. In addition, my blog is the "witness" of my cooking adventures. So through my blog, I will share with you, not only my experiences but also the tested recipes that I find worthy, for you to create in your kitchen. Recipes that most definitely are of my liking. This means, you will not find a recipe for tripe soup in my blog, since I do not eat it.

I therefore invite you to navigate through my pages, where I hope to inspire you and help you gain confidence in yourself. Since I can cook, you can cook too!


check out some "random" facts about me, related to cooking

  • I love chocolate.
  • I do not like to eat while walking in the street.
  • I drink at least 5 cups of coffee a day.
  • I do not drink milk. I can’t even smell it.
  • Once, I managed to burn the bean soup.
  • I have sprinkled salt instead of sugar over strawberries.
  • I do not like the traditional tripe soup.
  • I can eat french fries with everything. I loooooove them
  • I have 700+ cookbooks and cookery magazines.
  • I'm a kitchen gadget person and whatever catches my eye, I buy it.
  • I do not like to have my meals at the living room coffee table.
  • I can eat a two-litre tub of ice cream in one sitting.
  • My favourite spice is smoked paprika.
  • I eat the spare ribs with cutlery.
  • When I’m hungry, do not speak to me, I might bite you. Feed me and I will calm down immediately.
  • I once stubbed a colleague’s hand with my fork, because he tried to get french fries off of my plate.
  • I cannot resist not to dig in the Greek salad with bread.
  • The worst food I have ever made was some stuffed onions. Rubbish!! Awful!
  • When cooking with flour, I always happen to wear black clothes.

but also some facts unrelated to cooking

  • The nickname that my mom calls me with is "Doberman".
  • The movie that I've seen more than 5 times is Dirty Dancing.
  • I like Halloween and Carnival.
  • I am obsessed/addicted to shoes, bags and jewelry.
  • I love gardenias and red roses.
  • I’m incredibly bored to walk.
  • When I was 17, I was an athlete in a basketball team.
  • I have 15 different colours of nail polishes, but I almost always end up using only the red one.
  • I am an avid smoker.
  • I love to travel inside and outside of Greece.
  • In my bag I always have a measurement tape.
  • One of my favourite book is "The shell seekers".
  • In my youth I had a big collection of stamps.
  • I do not like watching TV.
  • I «steal» the soaps from the hotels I visit.
  • I take Tango lessons.
  • My favourite colour is red.




p.s. Let me point out that the texts and photos in my blog, are my own creations, otherwise the origin/source will be mentioned. If you want to use something off my blog, please be kind enough to ask for my permission. Furthermore, I confirm that I have not received any money for products/brands referenced in my posts.


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