Food4Good 18.05.2014 (epilogue)

Today, May 18, 2014 , we are celebrating the World Baking Day. Each year, the third Sunday of May is a day dedicated to the joy of creating and baking cakes!



"You, who will bake a cake for?" is this year's challenge, having the cake as symbol and gesture of love and offering. The Food4Good team accepted this challenge and baked cakes, in an event that was organised for a good cause again.


On 3rd of May, in the splendid setting of six dogs, we were gathered to celebrate and offer the earnings in PEGKAPNY.



The event was supported by “vitam” and we thank them a lot. Vitam is the ingredient with which we began our experience in baking cakes when we were young and is always in our fridge to contribute to our culinary creations.



Over 25 kinds of cakes made their appearance in this event and helped us achieve our good cause.



Cakes were sweet and savory. There were simple ones but also imaginative ones. Like each of our events, and in this one, the turnout was great. I'm so glad that people support our actions and in this way, help those who are in need. Once again our goodies were disappeared in the blink of an eye, while the comments received were flattering.


My devil’s food cake, which was dedicated to my husband, can be found in another post here in my blog, with the only difference that I’ve replaced the butter with vitam. The rich chocolate flavor of this cake makes one slice never being enough.

Photo A.Tsipis

In addition to the above cake, I decided to bake savory cupcakes with yogurt frosting and bacon. It’s an easy and delicious recipe, where the final result is an eye catcher.

Photo A.Tsipis

This recipe was successfully re-created by the girls in my group, Gogo and Matina. I thank them both for their participation and for their help throughout the event.

You can find the recipe here

Till the next event of Food4Good, kisses