Food4Good 01.06.2014


Another one Food4Good action successfully held, early in the summer.

On Sunday, 1st of June, the F4G team participated in the2ο Φεστιβάλ Ευ Ζην organized by the Surfers4Life.



The Surfers4Life organized the festival as part of the World Cancer Survivors Day, continuing the successful effort to send the message "I'm a Winner" to those involved with cancer. The revenue of the festival was given to support NPOs KEFI (Cancer Society, Volunteer, Friends, and Physicians) and PESPA (National Association for Rare Diseases).

The Food4Good team was there to support the effort of Surfers4Life, providing food for a good cause. More than 10,000 portions of food were cooked with a big effort but with great love.



I would like to thank the companies who supported us offering their products which we were in need in order to prepare our dishes.



A big thank you to all friends and food bloggers, who helped the Food4Good team to cook the really large amounts of food in need. A big thank you for being there the day of the festival, to prepare, serve and contribute to the success of this event.

Photo by A.Tsipis

Thanks ... Marina, Maria M.., Gus, Nicholas M.., Sofia, Katerina, Gifts, Marietta, Evi, Pepy, Nicholas D.., Chris L.., Nikoleta, Chris F.. Matina, Christina, Themis, Effie, Stavroula , Efoula, Maria, Maria K.., Hermione, Anna, Lefteris, Christos T.., Evina, Eleanna, Ariadne, Tonia.

Many thanks and gratitude to Georgia, Penny, Litsa, Pupa and Paris who faithfully followed my instructions and all of them made the perfect "rice with vegetables and shittake mushrooms ". All five of you were and are great !! Love you!

Photo by A.Tsipis

The 2nd Well Being Festival is now well behind us. It left memories that bring smiles to everyone's faces.

But Food4Good is not a memory. Stay tuned for the next actions that we will resume in the fall.