Food4Good 18.05.2014 i

Another Food4Good is ready.

This time, for a good cause, we are going to celebrate with Vitam the World Baking Day, on Saturday, May 3rd 2014. "You, who will bake a cake for?"



This is World Baking Day's challenge for this year. A day that is dedicated to the joy of creating and baking cakes! World Baking Day is set each year, the third Sunday of May and is celebrated with lots of baking all over the world. 

Food4Good decided to bake, not one, but lots and different cakes, for PEGKAPNY .



So, we are baking cakes, sweet and savory and we are waiting to welcome you at the garden of six d.o.g.s, from 11.00 till 15.00, in order to participate in this baking celebration.

The Food4Good team along with 13 more food bloggers, will be there to celebrate the day and offer for good cause. You will be able to taste our creations for a small fee and support PEGKAPNY this way. Joy of creation joy of baking but also joy of offering.

"You, who will bake a cake for?"