Food4Good 21.12.2013 (epilogue)


Now I can say that we ate for a good cause. This event took place and succeeded its good purpose.

Around the "idea" of Food4Good, Athina, Artemis, Emmanuela, Eva, Elena, Helen, Marilita and myself, united our forces and organised this event.



The purpose of this event was to collect money for the non profit organisation "Δρόμοι Ζωής".



We cooked, as always, with love and care and we offered our food to whoever was willing to attend the event and support the cause.

We also had the support of food bloggers & food editors who accepted the challenge and also cooked for the cause. A thank you is not enough !


Marilou Pantaki, Kostis Alvanos and Dimitris Alvanos : Madame Ginger
Katerina Delidimou : Culinary Flavors
Eleanna Giannopoulou : Foodaki
Lia Papadopoulou : Olives & Olive
Gogo Papadionysiou : Mamatsita
Maria Mastrantoni : Una cucina
Tassos Antoniou and Anna Efthimiou : Mamapeinao
Xanthi Baxevani : Συνταγές της Ασπρούλας
Nikolas Moschovitis : Cooking Diary


I would also like to thank the companies Ariadne, Stefos, Alevizos, Hiperus, Nestle, Adoro and Delicare who offered us the products that either we cooked with or we used in the event. That way we had a big buffet with savory and another with sweet treats. All of our dishes received great comments for the recipes and the products.

A huge thank you has to be said to Macedonian Halva, the company that believed in our idea from the beginning and helped us to its realization. We had their immediate support, they were next to us for whatever needed and of course they offered us the products for our creations with halva.



But I want to hug every and each one of you who supported this effort by attending our event and participated to its success. I hope and wish that you will be present the next time too.

Stay tuned for the latest news !


p.s.  Here is the recipe for the halva truffles that I made for the event.