Ash Monday & Giveaway


And since Macedonian Halvas is "first on our table, first in our hearts" as the commercial says, they offer thru my blog, a package with tahini and halvas for 2 lucky readers so that they "create" delicious dishes.

In order to participate in the raffle, you have to leave a comment in this post answering the question "Which kind of Macedonian Halvas you prefer" till Friday, March 15, 2013.

Notes :

*Anonymous comments will not participate in the raffle.
*As shipment of gifts will be made by me, this time, it can only be done within Greece. Residents outside Greece in case of being winners, should provide a receiving address in Greece.
*The lucky winners must, within two days from the announcement of the names, to send their details by mail, otherwise new winners will be selected.




How much of Macedonian Halva have you eaten during Ash Monday ? I ate too much .. more than enough ! Oh ... and I tasted the halva with mastic, delicious, great taste... yummy Of course I could not resist and ate a bit of halva with cocoa and some with vanilla ! Next time I'll be at the supermarket I'll get Macedonian Halva covered with chocolate (I think of it and I'm drooling) and certainly the one with the pistachio (sounds interesting). And I think I saw halva with honey. Ok .. I'll get that too .. to try it ... to have an opinion about next year ... or perhaps for earlier. And why not re-discover the flavors of halva with almonds ... Nope .. how did you think that I'm fond of Macedonian Halva ? In case I also find Hops .. I'll stock up. I have so many recipes that I want to make using halva ... I will need a big trolley at the supermarket!

Just give me a moment ... to snack a little halva with mastic and I'll be back to announce the winners of the raffle.

......... mmmmmmm .........

Aaaa .. I forgot to tell you ... from your feedback, halva with cocoa is by far the prime, nearly 2/3 of the comments were mentioning halva with cocoa! Next comes the halva with almonds while third is the classic vanilla. Have you tried the rest of the flavors ? Try them, I might need your opinion on them at some point and something good may happen.

........ mmmmm ..... (Patience, I'm emptying the box of halva) ....

Well ... The list of names participating in the raffle is

And the lucky ones, according to, are

Eftihia and Tania congratulations. Kindly send me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your details (Greek address please) until Friday 22nd. In case I won't receive your email a new raffle will be conducted on Saturday.