Announcement of Celebration Week Giveaways

Ανακοίνωση Εβδομάδας Εορταστικών Κληρώσεων.

We are celebrating.

Last September, this corner here, my little Sabor, had its 2nd year anniversary. One more year with lots of cooking, baking , courses and events. One more year full of flavors , aromas , colors and of course contact with very interesting people . I hope I could hold your interest in Sabor, for another year or two or more.

And while in normal birthday we're receiving gifts, we will change that habit. Will have giveaways with gifts that are offered by beloved companies.

The giveaway is my way of thanking you all. Those who read me , those who write comments or not, those who send me e-mails , those who are my friends on Facebook, those who have liked my page, those who follow me on Instagram, and all of you who support me in every endeavor.

And since I have also my birthday next Thursday ... will have big celebration.

Next week we will have daily giveaways , starting on Monday, November 11, 2013 .

No. .. no .. I will not tell you right now the wonderful prizes ... I will leave you with this curiosity at the moment ...

All I can say, at least to do, is to let you sneak a peek of the companies that offer the prizes..

Stay tuned and check the daily posts for the giveaways.