Macedonian Halvas - Part 2

Ηaving collected important information by visiting the premises of ΑΦΟΙ ΧΑΙΤΟΓΛΟΥ, we continued our day waiting with great interest the scene "from theory to practice". We were invited for dinner at Clochard. A restaurant with lots of awards and distinctions.



We were served and we enjoyed a menu created by Chef N.Katsanis, with ingredients such as sesame oil and tahini. It's amazing how you can "embed" those materials on dishes that are both tasty and interesting. The Sesame and halvas are materials that I've used in my dishes before. Do you remember the apple/halvas mini pies ? But I could not imagine that tahini could be used as an ingredient in savory versions. At that dinner, I had the opportunity to try such combinations and new horizons opened in my kitchen experiments.

Herewith is the menu we were served.

Blinia - Pie with greek cheddar and kavourmas
Salad with wide leaved vegetables
Winter salad with raw vegetables
Chickpea pancakes with tahini sauce
Salmon with fried fennel
Pork with molasses sauce and mashed pumpkin (the dish was served in a different way, this photo is my artistic intervention ... lol)

 Halvas and apple in skewer


Chocolate triangle with halvas
Sesame base with tahini ice cream

Looking back at this wonderful journey and the awesome tastes ... only one thing is left to show you ... the divine snack that unfortunately cannot be found in Athens ... Halvas bites covered with milk chocolate