Ash Monday with Macedonia Halvas


How would you feel if you lived two "Ash Monday" ? I already enjoyed the first one and shortly will a second. No. .. I did not time traveled ... nor dreamed of! A few days ago, I was in Shamone, invited by the company "Αφοί Χαϊτογλου" at an event that had "Ash Monday" flavor.



The company's products were the "stars" of the night and Chef N.Katsanis thrived once again.



We tried dishes that were inspired by the tradition of that day.

Bean salad

Ingredients such as tahini, the Macedonian halvas and sesame oil, were called forth to give unique flavors and compliment the classic dishes.

Lentils & rice with tahini sauce

Those recipes made many of us to rethink of "feast" meals.

Potato salad with sun-dried tomatoes
Raw vegetables salad with sweet & sour sauce

I've already shared with you the recipe for the salad with raw vegetables and the lentils with rice. I'm pretty sure that if you refer to recipes available on the site of the Macedonian halvas, you will find something that will pique your interest to prepare during feast period.

Chocolate truffles with halvas

I'm sure that you can find a lot of recipes in Haitoglou Bros site that will be of your liking and will suit your taste for the feast period.