T.G.I.Fridays contest


Oh ... what should I write first ? There are so many things I want to share with you. Don't know where to start from. Let's take things from the beginning.

Not long ago, a culinary competition was announced. It was organized by the T.GIFridays and Greek Food Blogs. The contest is called "Your dish on TGIFridays' menu". The food bloggers were challenged, to be inspired and create a dish that could be included in the menu and that fits into the philosophy of Fridays .

Entries were remarkable and many ... 80 dishes are not few. For the final, 17 of them were selected to prevail and finally 3 out of them to win and get the privilege of being included in the TGIFridays menu. In this contest I participated with 2 recipes. Unfortunately I didn't make it to the final, but I liked the procedure till there. Looking what to the recipe would be, how to cook it and then to send it over.

My dishes were a salad and a sandwich ... detailed recipes will follow in another post.




But in order to get to the "final", there were meetings with the food bloggers and chefs so that dishes to be prepared. They were cooking dishes, tasting them, make any necessary changes and finally conclude with what would be presented to the Jury. The "final" took place last Thursday, October 18th. A "final" with the necessary suspense, but happy and cheerful as the environment of Fridays.

The venue of the "final" was TGIFridays in Kifissia. where all the food bloggers-creators were there, with their friends, but also food bloggers who wanted to be present at this event. For all others who wanted to know what was happening there, the Greek Food Blogs had prepared an online broadcast re-transmission of the whole day. Presenters of this broadcast were Artemis and myself.


photo G.Detsis


I want to thank George and Vicky who trusted us. Of course I had done nothing like that before, so I was a bit anxious. I have to admit that I enjoyed it and although it was something new for me I think the result was good. The day of the "final" was a celebration ... awesome dishes, happy creator's faces, perfect hosts. It was an amazing event. The TGIF GFB and had to take care of all roll smoothly and I think everyone enjoyed it found there. The dishes were the one better than the other ... The jury had a difficult task.

Let's see some of the dishes ... mmm









Jury ladies, Ms Nikoletta Stylianidou, Ms Eri Andritsaki, Ms Artemis Tzitzi and Ms Valia Papageorgiou... tasted all 17 dishes and decided which 3 would be the winners to be included in TGIF's menu.

Creamy Corn Soup from blog Madame Ginger
Spicy red pepper relish burger from blog Tastefull
Blue cheese & Bacon Chicken burger from blog The one with all the tastes

Congratulations to the winners ... but also to all those who participated in this contest.



Once again I want to say that our hosts were perfect. Not only in the technical part during the preparation of the dishes, but also at the day of the "final" where everything happened as it should. Not to forget, the service from their staff that was excellent, as always. I enjoyed the day and I was so happy to meet and "know" so many bloggers either through the interviews or during our off camera chats.


photo E.Kontoula


photo G.Detsis


 photo G.Detsis

photo G.Detsis

You can see pictures from this wonderful day here. I hope there will be similar movements so that food bloggers can contribute in the wonderful world of cooking! !

So ... congratulations to all!!!