Coffee Loumidis


Morning coffee is a must. Double Greek coffee is my preference, whether it is winter or summer. You can see how happy I was when I got an invitation for coffee by Loumidis. The meeting was held at the cafe "Orea Hellas" in Monastiraki. A place so nostalgic, decorated with posters that send you back in time, with large windows that let you enjoy the Acropolis' view.



There, we learned interesting things about coffee. Mr Kastanas made our acquaintance with coffee ... .



we saw and smelled the coffee as it is in its original form, after been roasted and how it reaches consumers



We learned about the blends of coffee, how important is the roasting that is done with great care since it determines the attribute of coffee and finally how grinding gives the flavors of coffee. Of course we discovered with the help of Mr Lazaros the secret of preparing the perfect Greek coffee.



Low heat is the key element.



Ideal for the Greek coffee is boiling on ember (Santa Claus .. in my list).



Next point is that we put the desired amount of coffee and sugar but do not stir. Allow water to warm up and melt / absorb coffee from the surface ... then stir gently. When a ring begins to form at the sides of the pot, we are on track. Once the center of the pot is covered with that bubble ring, turn off the heat and serve ... low and close to the cup if we adore the creamy effect and away from the cup for the opposite.



We prepared our coffees and enjoyed them with sweet treats that were offered to us.



How about a cup of coffee;