AB warehouse


Some time ago I had the pleasure of been invited by AB Vasilopoulos, to a tour at their warehouses at Oinofyta. I was excited about this, since I’d see what happens “behind the scenes”. I always wonder and this was my opportunity to find out.

Our hosts, the AB team (Alexia, Chryssa,Polyxeni,Michael, Dionysis) and Xplain team (Despoina,Stella,Katerina) were very helpful, gave us a lot of information and they were willing to answer all the questions/queries we had. It was a tour in the most important part of the company. We saw how products are received, how they are stored and how they are forwarded to the local stores.




It's incredible how organised, in order and clean everything was.




Fresh food was so appealing … it seemed like being in a huge field with all those goodies at your feet.





The entire facility has the latest technological tools for storage, distribution and forwarding. Temperatures in all areas are controlled by computer and is different at each point according to the product that is there. Degrees of preservation until deep freeze. We were assured that AB with 73 years in food, 250 stores and over 10,000 employees, is trying to bring to the consumer the best, highest quality and freshest ingredients. To achieve this, applies the "Agrodiasfalisis" system, that aims, as we were informed, to apply methods for producing safer fruits and vegetables and protect the environment.

We were also informed about the "Food Bank", that I have to admit I had not heard before. As we were told "the Food Bank is a charitable non-profit institution, which is dedicated to the fight against hunger and reduce waste, collecting donations of food, beverages and other items before expiry date, in good condition and quality, and distributes them free to institutions with limited resources, hosting our fellow seniors, orphans children, people with disabilities, the homeless and people in a drug treatment program. To this bank, AB sends the products that cannot be forwarded to stores due to the expiry date been too soon.

And the tour ended with a lunch curated by well known Chef Alexander Papandreou and his assistant Thanos Sideris.



All the dishes we tried had ingredients from the variety of products available to AB. I give you an idea of the dishes. More photos in the greek version of the post.




photo via ΑΒ




After we enjoyed our meal and we took the necessary photos, our hosts gave us a bag full of products.



With some of these products and the recipes sent to us by AB, I reproduced the salad with cherry tomatoes of Mr Papandreou and will share it with you in the next post. This day was full and very interesting.

AB thanks for this opportunity.