During my blogging time, I have posted about places that are worth visiting. It can be a restaurant, a shop or even a cafe. These are places that I have been several times and they still meet my expectations. I will remind you of "Iodio", "Vanilla * Cinnamon", "T.G.I.Fridays" and the various ones of summer vacation. Today we will add to the list a favorite Italian trattoria. Located in Arachova, only 2 hours away from Athens and is called "Tavola".



In an alley near the central square of the village, in a small elegant space, which differs from the bulk/touristic restaurants that flood the area.



There, the Chef-owner of Tavola and good friend of mine, Loukas Syros creates unique but above all very tasty Italian dishes.



In the menu, which is not huge to get lost, there are dishes to suit all tastes. Classic and not. Noteworthy is the handmade pasta. In the pictures below, I give you a hint on what you can enjoy. These are the dishes we ordered last time we visited Tavola. The photos are not that amazing, but the friends around the table were hungry and did not let me be more artistic!

Tender rocket leaves with sun-dried tomatoes, parmesan flakes, roast pine seeds & vinaigrette from aged balsamic vinegar
Spaghetti with meatballs in tomato sauce
"Formaela" cheese with honey flavored from black truffle and red pepper seeds from Madagascar
Risotto with porcini mushrooms flavored with black truffle oil
Fresh ravioli with ricotta cheese in cream cheese sauce and crispy pancetta



Are you hungry yet ?