Le votre Piree


Chocolate ... mmmmmmmmmm I love chocolate ... I can live only with chocolate ... It can be a simple and humble chocolate bar, can be truffles or even a chocolate souffle ... mmmmmmmmm So imagine my joy when I was invited by "MamaPeinao.gr" to attend a seminar on "Chocolate and Wine". Chocolate ... ok ... in combination with the wine however, I was very curious about it.

So I found myself in "Le votre Piree" in Piraeus.



The "Le votre Piree" is a pastry shop specializing in chocolate.



Here you can find thousands of chocolates. The classic favorite ... praline, hazelnut or with various fillings, but those who stand up are the chocolates enriched with spices or the chocolates made with special materials such as parmesan cheese, ouzo and wine of course.



Mr Stefanos Diamantopoulos, Pastry Chef and owner, has put all his imagination and has created incredible chocolates that you can't think of.



I'm sure you will not know what to choose to buy.



But I was fortunate to go to the interior ... in the heart of the pastry shop... the manufacturing area. And what was the first thing I saw when entered ?



Chocolate tap ... I was magnetized and tried to restrain myself not to stretch my hand!! Once I managed to get over the shock of tap, I attended the seminar. The Pastry Chef showed us how we can make


chocolates with five peppers


truffles with coconut, blackberries and rum


Chocolates with white wine


We learned techniques and secrets of chocolate and the recipes that Pastry Chef shared with us will help us create these chocolates at home.



Of course we enjoyed the chocolates immediately after preparation, accompanied by wine.



The famous enologist Mr. Dimitris Chatzinikolaou was present and not only gave us tasting hints but had chosen for each chocolate we tested, a wine that fits perfectly.



The norm that says the wine is served with cheese is no longer valid, the cheese may well be replaced by chocolate ... I couldn't believe that the combination of chocolate with wine would be so matching !