Sweet and Skinny - Desserts with low calories


Who says that sweets and desserts should always be loaded with lots of calories, otherwise are not delightful; Marisa Churchill shared with us the secrets of the sweets with fewer calories but with all the pleasure, at an event organized by the Divani Caravel Hotel.



The Greek-American Pastry Chef, which is a very kind and gentle person, started cooking from a very young age under the guidance of her grandmother. Her passion for the kitchen grew over the years until she decided to deal with it professionally. She studied and took classes at the best institutes of America and worked at famous restaurants were she was recognized as a Top Pastry Chef. Μarisa has published the book Sweet & Skinny, with low-calorie recipes that quickly became best seller.

Photo with permission by M.Churchill

So, we found ourselves in the wonderful hotel and specifically in one of the kitchens, and together with Marisa created low-calories sweets.



Τhe result was amazing ... great taste with fewer calories. In a few days, I'll share with you the recipe of the wonderful chocolate roll that we made.



Marisa also delivered a series of seminars at Divani, who had tremendous impact and will hopefully continue in the coming months. As we speak, Marisa is in cooperation with the chain CAKE Bakeries where you can enjoy her creations. This new series of sweets and desserts include cupcakes in three flavors (yes ... there is a chocolate one among them), creamy lime bars and desserts with stevia.

As Marisa says ... "Sweet treat without guilt."