Fresh pasta & Cooking Lessons


My family's love for the pasta is known. And especially when it's fresh made. You may remember that I had attended a seminar on fresh pasta at Recipease in London. But I did not miss the chance to attend a similar seminar here in Athens. I was invited by Cookery Club in Agios Dimitrios to attend a workshop on fresh pasta. In an elegant, spacious and bright room, Lila and Nick, have set up a fully equipped kitchen where cooking/pastry lessons are conducted.



Since they are dealing with more food activities that workshop, you can check details on their site. From all the seminars in their list, I've chosen to start with the one for fresh pasta. I say "to start" because the seminars are numerous, interesting and highly economical, so you have the opportunity to attend more than one. The workshop can be attended by few people each time and this is something that gives great flexibility in class, helps all questions/queries to be answered and most important everyone can deal with the creation of the recipes. Chef George Gallis was the "trainer". A professional who madly loves what he does and everything related to the kitchen. Comprehensive, communicative and above all, receptive and willing to answer all questions and explain the smallest detail.



We've learned the basic recipe (which most of us know), but also how we can make pasta with flavors and colors. Colored lasagna by peppers, ravioli with spinach flavor, and of course we made sauces to accompany and show them off.



I have to say that although I knew the basic recipe, I learned a bunch of new things and in general the seminar was highly enlightening. I have to point out that I had a great time during the workshop. It was a smooth going lesson with everyone to participate, with incredible quotes and laughs ... I really enjoyed it. Chef is so "open" and ready to share his knowledge with everyone, that after completing the course, the conversation continued for much longer with issues related to the "kitchen."



If you would like to experience the same, just check the schedule, pick the one that suits your needs and enjoy it. Stay tuned as I'm going to share with you my experience from more seminars (addiction !!!) and of course will post interesting recipes. More pictures from the seminar can be found on facebook.