Homemade bread & Cooking Lessons


And yes ... in my family we also love bread . But I have a problem ... in order to find a tasty and good bread should migrate ... none of the bakeries in the neighborhood has an "acceptable" bread, in my opinion. You buy bread in the morning and by the evening is awful .



For this reason I started fixing my own bread at home ... I have shared easy recipes για ψωμί χωρίς ζύμωμα εδώ, για ψωμάκια για hamburger εδώ, για ατομικά ψωμάκια εδώ. We don't buy, anymore, bread from the bakery. Most of the times I make my own bread, unless there is a reason not to.



But I wanted to learn how to make properly and accurately a loaf bread. So the next seminar I've choosen to attend at the Cookery Club was the bread workshop. So I found myself, once again, in the cozy kitchen/class and enjoyed for one more time Chef George's Gallis' teaching.



This workshop confirmed my suspicion that Chef "loves" what he does. Again he was not tired with our questions and queries and he replied willingly. We've learned about the flours, the proper consistency of our dough, what we have to watch out for and what variations in the basic recipe can be done. Rolled up our sleeves and with the guidance of Chef, we kneaded, we baked, and of course we've tasted white bread, multigrain, focaccia, etc.


Stay tuned for recipes and check Cookery Club's schedule with all workshops for the month of July !.