Recipease workshop


"Learning during lifetime (Socrates 470-399 b.c.)

How true that can be ! In our lifetime, we learn even we have left the school. Whether that's thru reading, listening, or conversating with others. Sometimes, we seek the knowledge so that we understand/know better the subject of our interest. Myself too, in recent years, I care to read as much as possible whatever is related to kitchen. In addition, whenever possible, I attend seminars to enrich my knowledge.

Last time I was in London, I attended such a seminar. Most of you know of Jamie Oliver. Jamie has created a chain of multiplex called Recipease. Shop, cafeteria, restaurant, cooking school, all in one. A place which is the joy of every foodie.



Oh ... there are so many items to buy that you don't know which one to choose.



You can find cookware, kitchenware, ingredients for your creations



and even cooked dishes, fresh made in Recipease's kitchen.



So there I was, to attend a fresh pasta workshop. We love pasta anyway. Chef Jimmy Grant was the one who taught us the art of fresh pasta.



He showed and explained us how to make pasta and we undertook the project.



We made pasta that we cooked and accompanied it with a sauce that was also cooked inplace.



At the end of the workshop, we tasted our creations along with a glass of wine.



It was an amazing experience ... and so interesting what I've learnt. I was eager to convey the knowledge, from Recipease's kitchen to mine. I did so. Stay tuned .. in next post there will be a fresh pasta recipe along with a delicious mushroom sauce, done by myself !!!