Chocolate mousse


Chocolate ... chocolate ... chocolate ... endless love ... for me it is and I think for most of the people.

In my house, there is always something chocolaty available. This could be just a plain chocolate bar, a chocolate spread, a chocolate cookie or a chocolate cake. But along with these, you can always find one or more chocolate bars that are for baking use. Cause you never know when you will have the desire of baking a chocolaty dessert or ... just grab the bar and enjoy it instantly.

Chocolate ... a small portion gives you energy, well being and makes you look at the world with a different perspective ... not? Chocolate is always there, in bad or worst and "dark" moments of our life. The only problem is that you cannot be pleased with only a small portion of it. Myself, once I start biting chocolate, I can disappear every little bit of chocolate of even the weekly stock that I have in house.

So you now understand that in case I'm asked "what is the dessert you prefer" my answer is solid "whatever has chocolate in"!!

And of course 8 out of 10 times, the desserts I bake have chocolate for basic ingredient. I love chocolate ... yes I do !! Let me remind you of lava cake, Mayan chocolates, duo fudge with three chocolates, sea salt chocolates ...

Today, our recipe is a basic one. Chocolate mousse ... I'm drooling already.  The silky texture and the rich chocolaty taste, are the elements that make this airy and delicate dessert addictive.

The chocolate mousse can be served as a dessert as is, but can be combined with other preparations and transformed to a totally different dessert. So create this mousse and get in acquaintance with the process because you will need it for some of my next recipes.

Chocolate is an ingredient that is not easy to handle. But don't give up. Read a lot, give notice to small details and use the proper techniques and you will be able to create awesome chocolate desserts.

Today's recipe is not that difficult to prepare.

Cut you chocolate in small pieces. The smaller the better. In that way, it will melt easier when in contact with the heavy cream.

Be careful with the temperature of the heavy cream. If it boils, it will "burn" your chocolate and you will have a result not at all close to the proper one.

When you combine the vegetable cream with chocolate, do it with soft and smooth movements. Don't stir like mad! It needs soft and folding moves so that mixture stays airy.

One hour or less in the fridge (depending on yours) will be enough to set the mousse and be ready to serve. If you keep mousse in the fridge longer, the stiffer it will become and will lose the airy texture. It will still be tasty, but texture is an important element of this dessert.

Ok .. Let's grab the ingredients and start creating ...




Ingredients :

  • 350 gr chocolate 60%
  • 300 gr vegetable cream (slightly beaten)
  • 300 gr heavy cream 35%

Preparation :

  1. Cut chocolate in small pieces and place in a glass or metal bowl.
  2. In a sauce pan heat the heavy cream.
  3. Just before it starts to boil, remove from heat and add to the chocolate.
  4. Stir with a spatula, till melted and cooled down to 30C.
  5. Gradually add the vegetable cream and mix by folding in and out with the spatula till combined.
  6. Place in the fridge for a bit before serving.

Recipe G.Gallis