Caramelised onion dip


Do you know what I've remembered?

Ages ago, I used to cook with a lot of packaged ready made products. Not that I do not have the at home nowadays , but I use them the least I can. So, back in time, I was taking the packaged onion soup , you know those bags with dehydrated onions , I was mixing it with yogurt , in the fridge and my onion dip was ready.

But since I"ve started being more interested in correct cooking and have more time to deal with it, those products left aside and used only in emergency situations.

A while ago, I was at an event where the catering was organised/made by the foodqueens. One of their dishes was a dip with caramelised onions. It was delicious and of course I asked for the recipe. Ch.Vlachouli (one of the foodqueens) gave me the recipe and I will share it with you. The change I made in the original recipe is that I removed a bit of the cream cheese and added some yogurt for a lighter taste. The recipe for the sour cream can be found in this post. I can tell you that the dip has gotten many compliments from those who have tried it. I am sure you will love it. I know that onions need time to caramelise but final result is a hit.

Bon appetite



  • 150 gr cream cheese (spread)
  • 2 big red onions (finely chopped)
  • 1 Tbsp olive oil
  • 300 gr sour cream
  • 60 gr yoghurt


  1. Heat olive oil in a frying pan.
  2. Add onions and stir.
  3. Reduce heat to low and let onions cook till caramelised and golden in colour, about half an hour.
  4. Let them cool down.
  5. Place onions in a blender and blend a bit ... don't mash them.
  6. Put onions in a bowl and add the sour cream, the cream cheese and the yoghurt.
  7. Mix well.
  8. Put in the refrigerator so that flavors are combined.